Beach Sunset à la ‘Cito

Gaviota Coast

The Origin of the Name “California” and the Island Myth

Freediving For Spiny Lobster

Santa Barbara Seen Through a Sailor’s Eyes (1835)


Surfing Cetaceans

Miramar Beach Sunset

19 Inch Halibut

Surf Fishing For Halibut

Southern Hemi At Malibu

Native Steelhead of Yore

Prehistoric Seafloor on Gibraltar Road

48lb. White Seabass

Santa Barbara Channel Bathymetry

Beach Boulder Tafoni

Fishing’s Good on Bill’s Barge


Largest West Coast Tsunamis Generated in Santa Barbara Channel

The Flotsam Remains

Bald Eagle Nest Webcams, Channel Islands

First Day of Spring Roars In Wet and Windy

Moonlight Surfing

Rincon Point Sunset

Deadly Shark Attack Off Surf Beach

Beachcombing For Fossilized Whale Bone

Rick Sharp O’Neill Wetsuit Ad (1975)

Channel Islands Surfboards Ad (1975)

Great White at Rincon

When Fiberglass Skeg Meets Soft Fatty Tissue

Refugio Beach Sunset and Moonrise


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