Links listed in reverse chronological order for tales of travels and wanderings. These posts feature narratives or short commentary describing personal experiences along with photographs or other imagery.

Ruminations on a Hart-Parr Tractor

Fried Fungus Nuggets

The Candy Bag Bandit

Nira to Upper Oso

Freediving for Spiny Lobster

Mono Debris Dam Swimming Hole

Midday at the Oasis

Southern Hemi at Malibu

East Camino Cielo to Mono

John Muir Writes of Davy Brown

Wellhouse Falls and the Waterfalls of Lewis Canyon

48lb White Seabass

The Bandit of Ballarat

Making a Mockery of a Wildlife Sancturary


Peculiar to the Pattern

Pine Mountain Lodge Camp

Upper Santa Ynez Camp Vandalism

Bedrock Mortar On Munson Creek, Pine Mountain

Crotch Rocket Mountain Bikes (1985)

Selby Rocks, Carrizo Plain

Matilija Creek

Elkhorn Plain, San Luis Obispo County

Waterfalls, Trout and Indian Mortars

Dick Smith Calling a Condor, Piru 1970

Sage Hill to Santa Cruz Guard Station

Indonesian Hells Angels

Cathedral Peak Cave

Figueroa Mountain Picnic and Wildflower Update

Santa Barbara County 163% of Normal For Rainfall

The Flotsam Remains

Mission Falls

Chumash Camp

Scent of the Sea on Tar Creek

Soda Lake Reflections, Carrizo Plain National Monument

Lost Valley and Castle Rock

Hericium Mushrooms of Santa Barbara County

Don Victor Valley, Pine Canyon and the Jackson Five

Jack O’Lanterns and Chanterelles

Moonlight Surfing

Carrizo Plain Wildflowers: Temblor Range, San Luis Obispo County

Monarch Butterflies at Dusk on Ortega Hill

Tar Creek, Ventura County

The Teetering Boulder of San Ysidro Canyon

Fossil Hunting on Pine Mountain

An Arrowhead, Fossils and Bear Tracks on Pine Mountain Or Return to Chorro Grande

Beachcombing for Fossilized Whale Bones in Santa Barbara County

When Fiberglass Skeg Meets Soft Fatty Tissue

Blistered on the Chorro Grande Trail

Indian Creek Waterfalls (Dick Smith Wilderness)

Figueroa Mountain Wildflowers


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