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Finding Clarity and Perspective in the Wilderness

Castle Rock, San Rafael Wilderness Concerns in the wilderness revolve around basic necessities not luxuries. Removal from the busy, overstocked urban realm and immersion in the sparse serenity of pristine nature reduces life to an elemental state. Such experience trims … Continue reading

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Jack Elliott’s Custom Deluxe Trail Cakes

The more time I spend hiking the more important food becomes both in taste and nutritive content. Sooner rather than later it seems every sort of energy bar, snack, meal and caloric form is tried. Some are hard to choke … Continue reading

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A Feeling of Aliveness Hard to Find In Any City

Sunset in fall, Los Padres National Forest. Rich sensory perception is the essence of human existence and it occurs in nature more strikingly than perhaps anywhere else. In the remote, less visited tracts of unsettled land exists a feeling of … Continue reading

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