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The Plunder and Peddle

“Pocketing potsherds is erasure. It is the worst of colonization, the taking of the land. If you believe the stealing has ended, it has not.” –Craig Childs Why Potsherds Matter On this, the last day of Native American Heritage Month. … Continue reading


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The Potsherd Ponder

“People like to pick them up and take them home. Some are small as buttons, some a quarter of a broken bowl with insides painted in spirals and interlocked teeth. I’ve seen places lousy with potsherds turned bare in a … Continue reading

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Restoration Travesty, San Marcos Foothills Preserve

The filthy-toed plebe at the gate.  He’s the latest superhero with powers so profoundHe can leap a dotted line in just a single bound   I know you must have seen him in the books and magazinesHe’s the quintessential mindless, … Continue reading

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Mammoth Rubbing Rocks

Edge of the continent, Sonoma County “Groovy, man. How much do you want for this special battery-powered back-scratcher in the showcase, man.” “Cost you one dollar and ninety-five cents.” “A necessary item, man, haul it out.” —The Fan Man by … Continue reading

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The Great Valley Oak Death Rattle, Fish Creek Camp

‘Tis yet another devastating blow. Like the death of the live oak of Mono Narrows Camp. The immolation by wildfire of the disjunct relictual stand of Ponderosa pine along Dry Lakes Ridge. And so too the palisades of tall timber … Continue reading

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