Mission Falls

I hiked Tunnel Trail to Mission Falls on Monday morning. Not far up the actual trail a heavy drizzle set in and I threw on my rain gear before it turned to a light rain. For a brief moment it turned to frozen slush as I climbed in elevation and the temperature dropped. The roar of muddy swiftwater runoff filled the canyons all around. And the verdant tangle of annual growth carpeting the rocky slopes of the Santa Ynez Mountains right now appeared especially vivid after the torrential rains.

Sunlight striking the rocky slopes surrounding Mission Crags and bringing out the warm colors of the Coldwater Sandstone.

Trailside view.

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1 Response to Mission Falls

  1. Nico says:

    Good call. I bet Mission Falls was absolutely raging on Sunday! Monday morning I could see the mysto waterfalls running up in the mountains behind Carp and a little light dusting of snow on the high peaks (Divide, White Ledge, etc.).

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