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The Clattering Seep at Lizard’s Mouth

Apologies offered for the vertical video syndrome. You’ve heard of the babbling brook. Everybody’s written about it. Well, meet here the clattering seep. I’m fascinated by small things in nature other people are oblivious to and even when clued into … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Rare Lily Ojai Fritillaria and Indian Fire

Earlier this year in March, out scampering around in the Los Padres National Forest, I stumbled across a rather impressive stand of a rare wildflower, Fritillaria ojaiensis or the Ojai Fritillaria lily. I had previously noted this Seldom Seen Slim … Continue reading

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Hageman Falls

The view from the top of Hageman Falls, which overlooks the Santa Ynez River. It is an ephemeral waterfall that only flows during periods of heavier rainfall and only for a short time thereafter. Facing somewhat north eastward on the … Continue reading

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Koso Shoshone Native American Rock Art, Ghost Dance and Hunting Magic

Trona Pinnacles. Enter, if ye dare. The Trip Out Yonder Some monstrous industrial ramrod ferociously hammered at long intervals some unseen target of progress, the metallic slamming a devilish metronome, the concussive impact reverberating off a pinch of rolling mountains … Continue reading

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San Lucas Falls, Santa Ynez Mountains

A view of the Pacific Ocean overlooking the Gaviota Coast from the crest of the Santa Ynez Mountains atop San Lucas Falls canyon. San Lucas Falls is rarely visited and hardly ever seen by anybody despite being one of the … Continue reading

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