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Parks Management Company’s Red Rock Racket

Red Rock, Santa Ynez River, Santa Barbara County “The writer’s duty to speak the truth—especially unpopular truth. Especially truth that offends the powerful, the rich, the well-established, the traditional, the mythic, the sentimental. To attack, when the time makes it … Continue reading

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Gaviota Coast Galavants: The Wildest Wilderness

“The ocean is an unbelievably vast wilderness.” –Steven Callahan, “Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea” The 76-mile long Gaviota Coast is the wildest wilderness in Santa Barbara County. According to Gaviota Coast Conservancy, it is “the largest stretch of undeveloped coastline … Continue reading

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Scotland, Shifting Baseline Syndrome & Your Local Wilderness

Glen Sannox as seen from Cir Mor Saddle, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Such scenic sweeping grassland is not natural, but in fact the result of human agency. “The British Isles, a Roman outpost located at the edge of European civilization, was … Continue reading

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Mastodon & Mammoth Sign: Reading Trees in the Santa Ynez Mountains

Santa Ynez Mountains “Elephants’ habit of snapping or uprooting trees could explain why species such as oak, ash, beech, lime, sycamore, field maple, sweet chestnut, hazel, alder and willow can regrow from the point at which the stem is broken. … Continue reading

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Ice Cans To Rockets, A New Stove For A New Century

The rocket stove was developed by Dr. Larry Winiarski in the early 1980s. (A detailed explanation and design principles of the rocket stove: PDF) Nearly one hundred years ago an enterprising butcher in southern California fabricated a stove from a … Continue reading

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