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Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Afternoon reflections on a deep pool, which would be a lot deeper, as the mineral stain on the rock shows, were it not for the current droughty conditions. Hericium mushrooms are one of the subtle signs of annual change in … Continue reading

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Ballard Camp, Figueroa Mountain

La Jolla Trail  Trail through the oak trees. Dropping into Birabent Canyon on La Jolla Trail. A U.S. Forest Service stove at Ballard Camp, which was presumably named after the nearby town of Ballard or its namesake, W. N. Ballard, … Continue reading

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Lost Valley, Hurricane Deck, Potrero Cyn 20 Mile Day Hike

Hurricane Deck, the prominent ridge defining the skyline. There is no trace of water on Hurricane Deck, no trees and no campgrounds. It’s a 20 mile long ridgeline with south facing cliffs and steep grassy slopes on one side and … Continue reading

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A Goofy Guerilla Camp, Cedar Creek

Along Cedar Creek Trail While ranging off trail recently I came across a bootleg camp along a small spring-fed tributary of Cedar Creek in Sespe Wilderness. It was situated right in the creek. Branches and fallen trees had been lashed … Continue reading

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Mountain Lion Might Have Killed Goats in Santa Barbara Neighborhood

[EDIT: 12-12-13] A few days ago a sign was placed beside La Cumbre road warning about a mountain lion that was thought to have killed two pet goats at a house on the bottom of La Cumbre Rd, about a … Continue reading

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