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The Rescue of a Baby Lion

The fleeting, odd bit of noise sounded mechanical when it first hit my ear. But we were in a designated wilderness wherein nothing of the sort is allowed. And so brief was the sound I almost wasn’t sure I heard … Continue reading

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Mountain Lion Might Have Killed Goats in Santa Barbara Neighborhood

[EDIT: 12-12-13] A few days ago a sign was placed beside La Cumbre road warning about a mountain lion that was thought to have killed two pet goats at a house on the bottom of La Cumbre Rd, about a … Continue reading

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Whiteacre Peak, Fossilized Bones, Cougar Prints and Condors

California condor soaring over Whiteacre Peak. Stillman (DavidStillman.blogspot.com) had a good idea, which by the end of our day turned out to be an excellent idea, to find a route to the summit of Whiteacre Peak in the Sespe Wilderness. … Continue reading

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