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Beachcombing Venice, Italy

We wandered Venice, Italy threading our way through the narrow canyon-like alleyways of urban stonework. We knew not where we were but on the island. A visitor doesn’t have to concern herself with getting lost on a small island as … Continue reading

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Chumash Rock Art, Santa Barbara County

These Chumash paintings show little wear from the elements over the last several decades. They are presented here without alteration, but for a slight intensification of the existing natural color. They measure roughly about twelve inches in length. The pictographs … Continue reading


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A Treasure Hunt For Chumash Pictographs and the Vicious Protector

A mural in Lompoc, Santa Barbara County depicting a seaside Chumash village scene. Little of what Bill said made reasonable sense. He stood on the other side of his termite infested, dry-rotted, wobbly fence, which was missing slats and had … Continue reading

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Fallen Rock Chumash Pictograph Rock Art

In September 2012 I had the privilege of naming a Chumash pictograph site theretofore undocumented by the U.S. Forest Service. In August 2012 I mentioned on this blog that I stumbled across some Chumash rock art  I didn’t know existed. … Continue reading

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Bird Refuge Sunset Silhouette Sketch

A view of Santa Barbara’s Andree Clark bird refuge. Description from County of Santa Barbara’s webpage: “One of Santa Barbara City’s most beautiful natural refuge features a 29-acre freshwater/brackish lake and its surrounding vegetation. The Andree Clark Bird Refuge’s 42 … Continue reading

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