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Piedra Blanca

Piedra Blanca sandstone formation. Pops came to visit for Thanksgiving. Last time he came to stay I dragged him along on a five mile hike through intermittent driving rain showers out in the hinterlands of San Luis Obispo County. This … Continue reading

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The Waxing and Waning of Campus Point Beach

The view from the cliffs in June 1969 looking up the beach toward Campus/Goleta Point in the distance and showing a huge accumulation of sand. The red dot shows the location where the photos below were taken from. March 1975. … Continue reading

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Rose Canyon and Rowe’s Gulch

Overlooking the upper Santa Ynez River drainage on a crisp, cool midweek morn. As it happened, nearly a year ago, I was perusing satellite imagery of the local backcountry as I often do. Once again the slim canyon west of … Continue reading

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Tafoni Weathered Stone

“Tafoni are ellipsoidal, pan- to bowl-shaped, natural rock cavities. These cavernous weathering features include tiny pits, softball-sized cavities, truck-sized caves, and nested and cellular honeycomb forms. Tafoni typically develop on inclined or vertical surfaces and occur in groups. These exquisite … Continue reading


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San Ysidro Falls

A thin stream of water flowing over San Ysidro Falls. Related Posts: Wellhouse Falls and the Waterfalls of Lewis Canyon, Waterfalls, Trout and Indian Mortars, Waterfalls of Ventura County, Scent of the Sea on a Ventura County Creek, Tangerine Falls, … Continue reading

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