Gaviota Wind Caves

The three red arrows note the location of the caves shown below.

The person seen here is sitting in the cave noted by the red arrow on the upper right of the previous photo. It is actually a hole through the rock that can be entered from either side.

The view looking northward from the cave shown in the previous photo or what is seen if one is looking behind the person.

The hole.

Looking southward through the hole and over the trail.

The cave-like overhang noted by the upper left red arrow in the first photo.

Island view from the overhang shown in previous photo.

Looking east over Gaviota Pass and US-101.

Heavy marine layer pushing in from the Pacific.

View from the cave noted by the lower left red arrow in the first photo.

Inside in the cave.

The cave noted by the red arrow in the previous photo. Visible on the lower left there are two other openings to this lengthy cave.

Looking down the length of the cave from just inside the large entrance shown in the previous photo.

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  1. bajaranger says:

    Really like that last shot looking down the cave. Good work Jack..

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