Gaviota Peak

I hiked up to Gaviota Peak (Jack’s Map) and back via a circuit route, as noted above by the red dots. I began in Gaviota State Park and, following the Gaviota Peak fire road, entered into the Los Padres National Forest and on up to the peak. I returned along the Tunnel View Trail so named because it overlooks the highway tunnel through the mountain at Gaviota Pass.

Looking eastward toward Santa Barbara from the peak.

The view looking toward Santa Barbara.

Looking westward toward Point Conception with Highway 1 seen running through the hills.

A section of prehistoric seafloor seen along the trail. Note the ripple marks created millions of years ago when the rock was sand underwater. This sort of feature can also be seen along Gibraltar Road, as noted here.

Tafonied sandstone seen in a cave along the trail. More examples of tafoni weathered stone have been previously noted here.

I found this odd formation in a cave on top of a ridge. There were several other small columns like this poking out of the stone. I have found similar specimens on Pine Mountain Ridge in neighboring Ventura County, but larger.

If ocean waves could be fossilized. . .

If the rock formation in Santa Barbara County found off West Camino Cielo Road is said to look like a Lizard’s Mouth, then I’ll dub this formation the Barfing Puma.

Looking across the mountain slope that the trail crosses. A section of the trail can be seen leading over the low point or saddle between the mountains.

The red circle notes the location where the previous photo was taken. The section of roadway is U.S. Highway 101 through the Gaviota Pass.

Wildflowers known by the various common names of Milk Maids, Bitter cress and California Toothwort (Cardamine californica).

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14 Responses to Gaviota Peak

  1. craig says:

    Is it okay that my favorite part here is that we now have a verb in “Tafonied”? … that’s so awesome. I would have gone something like “Tafonicized,” but hey … 😉

    • Jack Elliott says:

      Haha. 🙂 Well, according to Strunk and White one should never add ‘ize’ to create a new word. But that may be a mite snobbish. The real reason I tacked on ‘ed’ is because I read it used by some university professors and figured it was at least some what official.

  2. craig says:

    Dang, I just Elements of Style-ized! (take that)

  3. Your blog is rapidly becoming one of my favorites!

  4. TBM says:

    Lovely views! I grew up in Southern California but never spent a lot of time in Santa Barbara. I wish I had.

  5. JRI says:

    Great to follow you to these places through your words and photos..with plans to get out there myself.

  6. Yo Jack,
    I’ve been checking out your stuff. I dig, I can grok it. Let’s maybe think about teaming up for something. Think of something and shoot me an email. I can think of a thing or two in my neighborhood, or perhaps you’ve got something on your tick list that I can help with. -Dave

  7. Pat Bean says:

    Thanks for taking me along on your hike.

  8. Coyote Dave says:

    Barfing Puma??!!!…….love it.

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