Chorro Grande Falls, Snow Frosted Pine Mountain

Chorro Grande Falls with Pine Mountain Ridge in the background, Ventura County California.Chorro FallChorro Falls

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3 Responses to Chorro Grande Falls, Snow Frosted Pine Mountain

  1. Nico says:

    Hey Jack, just curious, what day were these shots from?

    I was out that way last Friday on what was supposed to be an epic ~65-mile 2-night loop starting from the Ortega Trail near Wheeler Gorge, going out Cherry Creek to Hwy 33, then up Chorro Grande then over to Haddock and PML, then down to the Sespe, then up Lion to Nordhoff Ridge and then finally down Gridley. We got out to around Cherry Creek though Friday late afternoon and were out of water and running out of daylight. Both Cherry and Sespe Creeks were dry as were all the tributaries feeding into the Sespe. I didn’t have any recent intel on the water conditions up the Chorro Grande, so we opted to road walk and hitch our way down toward Rose Valley and pick up the rest of our trip there.

    If your shot is recent, seems like there would have been plenty of water up Chorro Grande. The lower reach where it meets the Sespe was dry on Friday evening.

    We plan to re-attempt this trip once the water situation returns to normal.


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