La Cumbre Peak Snow

East Camino CieloEast Camino Cielo Road in the Los Padres National Forest.

A light snow dusted the crest of the Santa Ynez Mountains above Santa Barbara yesterday afternoon. Although it was Saturday, the low cloud cover hugging the peaks kept the snowy mountaintop from being visible from town, which seemed to keep the crowds away.

On my way up a snowy Gibraltar Road I came across a guy straddling his Harley with his back tire caught in a small drainage rut beside the road. He had apparently tried to pull off the slippery road to turn around in a snow covered dirt shoulder and ended up with his tire in the low spot, which he couldn’t throttle or push out of. I stopped to help push him out of the rut and got him on his way as the snow continued to fall.

La Cumbre Peak snow 2.1La Cumbre Peak

La Cumbre Peak snow rocks

La Cumbre Peak snowThe picnic area atop La Cumbre Peak (3995′) with Goleta visible far below and the Pacific Ocean.

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3 Responses to La Cumbre Peak Snow

  1. stevenschlah says:

    Jack: This brought back some memories for me. Like when, in 1964, when it snowed up there and bunches of we City College students went up there to “play” in the snow. I also remember that in 1962 it snowed at San Marcos High School. Lots of broken windows from errant “snow balls”. Steve, San Marcos High, class of ’63

  2. Nico says:

    Nice shots Jack. I spent Friday night out at Piedra Blanca camp, woke up Saturday morning to snow starting to fall all throughout the Sespe River valley. Spent Saturday night up on Nordhoff Ridge, ended up with about 3″ of snow up there when all was said and done. The novelty of snow in Santa Barbara/Ventura never gets old for me.

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