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Potentially Deadly Assassin Bug In Los Padres Forest

Various triatomine bugs in all life stages. (Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Recent news reports echoing across the Internet tell of the so-called assassin bug having now been found in at least 28 states. Known also as the … Continue reading

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Ice Cans To Rockets, A New Stove For A New Century

The rocket stove was developed by Dr. Larry Winiarski in the early 1980s. (A detailed explanation and design principles of the rocket stove: PDF) Nearly one hundred years ago an enterprising butcher in southern California fabricated a stove from a … Continue reading

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Petroglyphs, Isle of Arran, Scotland

The petroglyphs are found just inside this stand of planted conifers, silviculture being an important part of the local economy. At nine at night I stepped out for a walk in the woods. Couldn’t sit around the house after dinner … Continue reading

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Vernal and Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park

Mortars in Yosemite Valley. The Urban Wilderness Yosemite National Park represents a contradiction to me. A place entirely about nature, but it’s crawling with hordes of chattering tourists and hiking trails are paved. There is something oddly and strikingly askew … Continue reading

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