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The Mighty Chia Seed, Cuyama Badlands

The Cuyama Badlands can be a wicked and terrible place for a human on foot with minimal supplies. Heaved aloft, scorched and desiccated, it’s a land clawed open and washed away by spotty cloudbursts that quench a sparse growth of piñon pine, juniper and sagebrush. … Continue reading


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Datura Bloom

Datura in bloom on the Carrizo Plain, San Luis Obispo County, California. “In their quest for visions and for supernatural power, the Chumash of the Santa Barbara region were one of many tribes throughout North and South America that resorted … Continue reading

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Eating Poison Oak

The Blistery Beginning I remember sitting in seventh grade math class at La Colina Jr. High one afternoon and itching the hell out of some poison oak on my upper thigh. I managed to scratch it into a puffy, red … Continue reading

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Mugwort: A Natural Poison Oak Preventive

Plant Profile Mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana) is a perennial herb commonly found in areas of riparian habitat. It likes sunny, moist locations around creeks and rivers, but can also be found in areas of bright shade and the dappled light of … Continue reading

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