Potrero John Camp (Sespe Wilderness)

Potrero John Camp

1.7 miles from Potrero John Trailhead to Potrero John Camp in the Sespe Wilderness

Trailhead located on HWY-33 at Potrero John Creek

Elevation: Trailhead 3696 Camp 4152

The trail leaves HWY-33 plunging instantly into the spectacular gorge cut through the rugged and rocky pine studded terrain by Potrero John Creek. On the other side of the gorge, it opens up into a fairly wide open wash-type expanse created by the torrential runoff that drains into Potrero John Creek from the Pine Mountain watershed, which is formed by Reyes Peak (7514) to the west and Haddock Mountain (7361) to the east. Potrero John Camp is set beside the creek beneath these mountains.

The camp makes an excellent staging ground for further exploration of Potrero John Creek. Up the canyon 1.2 miles from camp is Potrero John Falls. Several other smaller falls are located along the feeder streams that drain into the creek from Reyes Peak.

Potrero John Creek watershed can be extremely dangerous during rainy weather due to flash flooding and mud and rock slides: Rescued Hikers on Potrero John January 18, 2010

Trail cutting through the rocky gorge at dusk.

Deadfall washed off the mountain lies as silent testimony reflecting the level and force of runoff flushing down the canyon in winter.

A fairly large cottonwood tree snapped like a toothpick.

Trail leading out of the gorge in fall with red-tinged poison oak.

Potrero John Camp beneath the peaks.

Potrero John Camp is located under the oaks beside the creek.

The camp in October with water still flowing in the creek.

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