Snow Day on Pine Mountain, Chorro Grande Falls

Thanks to the snowfall and heavy cloud cover, which had the added benefit of keeping the crowds away, the weather on Saturday made for an exceptional day of hiking on Pine Mountain.

North slope of Pine Mountain.

Highway 33

Highway 33

A snow-covered Chorro Grande Trail.

Chorro Grande Falls

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4 Responses to Snow Day on Pine Mountain, Chorro Grande Falls

  1. Charlie says:

    this is tough, I always wanted through highway 33 when it had snow, keep up the good work man

  2. Lp says:

    Howdy, I always wanted to do some cross country skiing on those roads or trails when we had a good snow. Does it get deep enough to do that? Would be pretty awesome to go up in there when the forest is blanketed in snow. Great site, love your work.

    • Jack Elliott says:

      Hey there. To answer your question, no, not really. Only in rare instances does the snow get deep enough and stay that way long enough before melting to go cross country skiing without having to worry about breaking through and screwing up your skis or having to walk back because the snow melted too much by afternoon. It can be done, but it’s really not a good place for it. I would recommend exploring Mt. Pinos if you haven’t already. Its higher elevation makes it the better choice.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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