Selby Rocks, Carrizo Plain

Saddled up the iron horse and pressed peddle once more out to the Carrizo on Sunday hoping it would be clear enough to do something and stay dry. Nope. We were wet. The Temblor Range across the plain disappeared behind spotty, intermittent showers throughout the afternoon as we hiked the Caliente Range. The clouds would build into a dark lumpy blanket and then unload sheets of gray cascading onto the polychrome plain.

In a landscape otherwise devoid of rocks, the Selby Rocks breach the undulated surface of the grassy plain along the base of the Caliente Range. The tell-tale traces of the region’s human history are recorded on the gritty surfaces of these building-sized rounded blobs of weathered stone. Bored into the rock in numerous places are mortars once used by Chumash or Yokut Native Americans to grind nuts and seeds.

Soda Lake on the plain with Selby Rocks in the shadows in the lower right corner.

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3 Responses to Selby Rocks, Carrizo Plain

  1. bajaman says:

    Awesome shots of the plains and rock outcrops. I really like your coverage of less known areas that make for fantastic day trips. I have lived for most of my life in SB and have never seen a photo or heard about Soda Lake. Cool stuff J.E.

  2. ted says:

    Thanks for sharing. I live in the LPNF in the Matilha area.

  3. I have lived in Bakersfield all my life and I only visited this area this last weekend while scouting out lesser frequented camping areas to take my son. Subsequently, while looking for more info on the rocks, I found your site and have now bookmarked it. Thanks.

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