Summertime Chanterelles

Here is a tiny sampler showing just a few of the clean and pristine gems harvested in July this year. If not rare, then it’s certainly uncommon to find chanterelles in summertime in this corner of California. It happens, but not often.

After abundant rainfall this season, and a mild spring and early summer with dewy nights and weepy marine layers, the conditions came together just right to force an off-season flush of mushrooms in select locations.

Should temperatures remain mild and relatively cool, and the forestland receive any more rain or misty, drippy weather during the next several months, then it very well may be a near year round mushroom harvest this season. The soil still holds a remarkable amount of water for this late in the year and, amazingly, is even moist to the touch in some spots.

As of 7-28-2011, Santa Barbara County normal-to-date rainfall percentages for the season (September 1 through August 31).

Buellton 122%
Cachuma 160%
Carpinteria 125%
Cuyama 138%
Figueroa Mtn 149%
Gibraltar Dam 144%
Goleta 167%
Lompoc 173%
Los Alamos 141%
San Marcos Pass 137%
Santa Barbara 158%
Santa Maria 177%
Santa Ynez 162%
Sisquoc 179%

County-wide normal-to-date rainfall percentage 152%

Santa Barbara County – Flood Control District: Rainfall and Reservoir Summary

I was tramping around picking in poison oak in a t-shirt, shorts and a flip-flops.

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2 Responses to Summertime Chanterelles

  1. Ray says:

    Those are gorgeous.

    So is that shot of Santa Barbara at Dusk.

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