Sawtooth Ridge, California

Sawtooth Ridge in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sawtooth Ridge lies in California’s Hoover Wilderness within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. The ridge comprises a portion of the northeast boundary of Yosemite National Park.

Some of its notable features include, from left to right, Matterhorn Peak (12,281), Cleaver Peak (11,850), Blacksmith Peak (11,850) and Eocene Peak (11,555).

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2 Responses to Sawtooth Ridge, California

  1. stevenschlah says:

    Jack: Thanks for this, though my favorites are still Mt. Morrison (aka Morrison Peak) and Mt. Laurel (aka Monte Diablo) at Convict Lake. not even Switzerland can compare, as testified bu two of my kids. Steve Schlah

    • stevenschlah says:

      Oh I forgot to add, as I looked at the comparison of your ‘legend’ to the photograph, “Where are the glaciers?”. Steve

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