Chumash Grinding Stone

I found this Indian grinding stone (mortar or metate) yesterday afternoon while on a hike in the Santa Barbara backcountry. I had, funnily enough, after hours of hiking, just arrived at a place of interest to me for camping when it caught my eye. Apparently the location had served well for other campers of times long ago past. This is a remote, rugged place with no trail access.

The photo above makes it hard to see the concavity of the dish, but the second photo below, which shows the stone on edge, gives a slightly better view of its curved basin form.

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5 Responses to Chumash Grinding Stone

  1. Augustus says:

    Great site, I have been checking it for a while now. What a cool find
    So does that mean you left the mortar? And was that sign at the site also?
    if you could post this that would be great, I know you love the coast also,

  2. Augustus says:

    By great site I meant website haha

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jack,
    Please tell David Stillman and Blackcrownep to take down their pictograph posts.,0,6886011.story

  4. Augustus says:

    sad story

  5. Blackcrownep says:

    Hey, Anonymous, why are you telling Jack to tell me stuff? Why can’t you tell me yourself? And why can’t I be asked nicely? Why must I be commanded? And so what if I have pictures up? Van Gogh paintings have been stolen too, should we remove all Impressionist imagery from the internet? My pictures don’t have any directions to rock art sites, so I don’t see why I should take them down.

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