Miner’s Rock Cabin at Eagle Cliff (1890)

Eagle Cliff Mine hike Joshua Tree National ParkThe hike to Eagle Cliff Cabin.

The cabin was originally built and occupied by miners sometime after 1890 at the site of Eagle Cliff mine, which is located in Joshua Tree National Park. The makeshift shelter was cobbled together in a naturally occurring hollow of one of the ubiquitous granite outcrops in the area.

The floor plan is roughly similar to the letter “p” with a longish entrance ending in a small room with a single window. Off one edge of the room opposite the window is a remarkable natural addition in the form of a low room with a gravely floor perhaps used as sleeping quarters.

Eagle Cliff Mine Joshua TreeLooking at the rock pile under which the miner’s cabin is hidden, concealed behind desert scrub.

Eagle Cliff Mine rock cabin Joshua Tree National ParkLook a little closer through the trees and it comes into view.

Eagle Cliff Mine hike Joshua TreeA look inside showing the same window. A stove can be seen frame right with an opened rusty tin can on top and a stone and mortar chimney.

Eagle Mine rock cabin Joshua Tree National Park

The nook that would make a decent bedroom. It is fairly spacious despite how it appears here in this poor photo.

Eagle Cliff Cabin Joshua Tree National ParkStone work in the short walk between the windowed room and the cabin front door.

Eagle Cliff Mine rock cabin Joshua TreeThe view standing beside the rock work in the previous photo and looking out through what was the door to the cabin.

Eagle Cliff rock cabin Joshua TreeThe approach to the front door, the windowed room just inside the shadowy cave.

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5 Responses to Miner’s Rock Cabin at Eagle Cliff (1890)

  1. Very neat find. Glad to see the vandals haven’t completed looted and destroyed the place.

  2. Lila Henry says:

    Amazing! thank you so much.

  3. bryanconant says:

    That’s gotta be the coolest place I’ve ever seen. Would it be comfortable enough to camp inside?

  4. That’s great. Amazing use of the surroundings to make a great little cabin. Was it hard to find and how did you know it was there?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info, I would have loved to meet this guy when he was living there and listen to some of his stories.

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