Coldwater Camp, San Rafael Wilderness

Coldwater Camp San Rafael Wilderness Los Padres Santa Barbara hikesColdwater Camp lies in a meadow under a large oak tree along Lower Manzana Creek Trail, and is rimmed by hills. A detailed profile of the camp can be seen at Hike Los Padres – Coldwater Camp.

The camp was presumably named due to the usual availability of water in the creek nearby during most conditions, when the rest of the area is dry. This remarkable feature of the land must have been appreciated by the pioneering Pratt family who staked a claim in the area.

In the vicinity of Coldwater Camp, with a clue or two, one might find the initials of the Pratt’s stepson, Eddie Fields, who carved them into a tree near the site of the family’s homestead some 100 years ago.

Coldwater Camp San Rafael Wilderness

Coldwater Camp San Rafael Wilderness Santa Barbara

Coldwater Camp San Rafael Wildnerness hikes Santa BarbaraAnother site is hidden here center frame under the trees, somewhat on the opposite end of the meadow. The same sign is seen here as in the first photo above.

Coldwater Camp San Rafael Wildernes Santa Barbara hikes

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2 Responses to Coldwater Camp, San Rafael Wilderness

  1. Frank Hudson says:

    There is a perennial spring across the stream to the south, some 50 meters upstream from Coldwater Camp, that has water much clearer and colder than that in the Manzana. Perhaps the name derives from this.

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  2. Is that some kind of aster in the top photo? (header?) Nice to see a nice, sunny post when we’re all shivering over here!

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