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Dinosaur Footprints, Isle of Skye, Scotland

A typical road on the Isle of Skye. I’m listening to Dylan. And driving fast in a small, or wee as the locals would say, car. “Throw on the dirt, pile on the dust” Husbands leaving wives. They’re out to … Continue reading

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Sespe Hot Springs From Piedra Blanca

Fossilized oak leaf found along the Sespe Trail. Note the veins and serrated edges. A Late, Hot Start I didn’t start walking from Piedra Blanca Trailhead until a few ticks before ten in the morning, at least four hours later … Continue reading

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Whiteacre Peak, Fossilized Bones, Cougar Prints and Condors

California condor soaring over Whiteacre Peak. Stillman (DavidStillman.blogspot.com) had a good idea, which by the end of our day turned out to be an excellent idea, to find a route to the summit of Whiteacre Peak in the Sespe Wilderness. … Continue reading

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Fossilized Sand Dollar

Pine Mountain Ridge Related Post: Pine Mountain Fossil Foray Fossilized Whale Vertebrae

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Prehistoric Seafloor on Gibraltar Road

Just below Gibraltar Rock, about a half mile below Flores Flats, a nearly vertical bed of sandstone rises up beside Gibraltar Road. On the face of the sandstone slab, there are ripple marks created by a prehistoric sea that covered … Continue reading

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