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Night on Carrizo Plain, Tule Elk and Caliente Peak

Sun kissed sandstone. “A house was simply a place to sleep. The time that mattered would be spent outdoors.” -Elmer Kelton, Stand Proud (1984) We arrive at Selby Campground in the waning darkness before first light. It’s frosty and clear skied, … Continue reading


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The Carrizo Experience: Ten Hours on the Plain IV

This post is the fourth and final installment in a series. Read the first here: Ruminants on the Range. The second here: The Bedrock Mortars of Selby Rocks. And the third here: The Pictographs of Painted Rock. An aerial view … Continue reading

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Soda Lake Reflections, Carrizo Plain National Monument

After a perfect cloudless day that looked as if it was manufactured to precise specifications in a laboratory, I woke the next day with eager anticipation and headed to the Carrizo Plain. Unfortunately it was overcast, but otherwise a pleasant … Continue reading

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