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Corpse Flower at El Capitan Beach

There is a patch of these bizarre looking flowers growing on the point at El Capitan State Beach. They caught my eye once as I was walking by and, recognizing the bloom, I walked over to take a whiff. It … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara at Dusk From East Camino Cielo

Santa Barbara, edge of the continent, as seen from the Santa Ynez Mountains above Flores Flats on East Camino Cielo.

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Goat Buttes and Century Lake, Santa Monica Mountains

Overlooking Malibu Creek winding through the grassy valley with the Goat Buttes outcrop rising beyond. The creek flows through the gorge between the two peaks, where a dam was built long ago creating a small lake. Goat Buttes and Century … Continue reading

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Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing: A Santa Barbara Original

“Enough! I grow weary of your sexually suggestive dancing. Bring me my ranch dressing hose!” -Homer Simpson It’s a nutritionist’s nightmare, a glutton’s godsend. It’s the king of salad dressings and a cornerstone of the condiment world. Ranch dressing is … Continue reading

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The Bandit of Ballarat

“For 11 months, the Bandit led state and federal officers on a 1500-mile chase through some of the most rugged and inhospitable terrain in America. They had pursued him with helicopters, planes, dogs, trackers, and entire task forces, on horseback, … Continue reading

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