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From Graffiti to Graffito, Trash To Treasure

The old black board inside Manzana Schoolhouse, a free-for-all graffiti panel. (Manzana Creek Schoolhouse Circa 1893) Inside the old Manzana Creek schoolhouse within the San Rafael Wilderness of Santa Barbara County one hundred years worth of names and dates cover … Continue reading


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Los Padres Tree Lobster

Hericium in a hole. A Hericium mushroom I harvested today. When sauteed in butter and olive oil it tastes remarkably similar to lobster. It’s a choice wild edible. Meat Lion’s Mane Related Posts: Hericium Mushrooms

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Stapelia Gigantea Bloom

The flowers are big and hairy and attract flies and beetles rather than butterflies and hummingbirds. Through a combination of color and design the bloom is made to appear like a bloody wound, while wafting from its petals floats the … Continue reading

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Goat Buttes and Century Lake, Santa Monica Mountains

Overlooking Malibu Creek winding through the grassy valley with the Goat Buttes outcrop rising beyond. The creek flows through the gorge between the two peaks, where a dam was built long ago creating a small lake. Goat Buttes and Century … Continue reading

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Making a Mockery of a Wildlife Sanctuary

Yesterday I enjoyed some of the best my little corner of the planet has to offer. I surfed for a couple of hours and spent a number of other hours hiking the backcountry and swimming in a mountain stream. Ironically, … Continue reading

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