Goat Buttes and Century Lake, Santa Monica Mountains

Overlooking Malibu Creek winding through the grassy valley with the Goat Buttes outcrop rising beyond. The creek flows through the gorge between the two peaks, where a dam was built long ago creating a small lake.

Goat Buttes and Century Lake as seen from Lookout Trail in Malibu Creek State Park.

Seeking a rural setting in which to enjoy the outdoors, a group of wealthy Los Angeles businessmen formed the Crags Country Club in 1900 and bought 2,000 acres along Malibu Creek that would later become Malibu Creek State Park.

Around 1903, the club constructed a 50-foot high dam, creating a seven-acre lake that attracted waterfowl and was stocked with trout giving club members a private duck hunting and fishing preserve. This dam and lake would later be named Century Dam and Century Lake by 20th Century Fox Studios after they bought the property.”

Malibu Creek State Park Docents

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