McDonald Lake, Montana

A recent look at McDonald Lake from Clint Elliott.

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4 Responses to McDonald Lake, Montana

  1. Gary Fultz says:

    I’m there in spirit (sigh), but here working

  2. Stillman says:

    Big D, when I was seventeen I went on a summer long road trip with a friend. We ended up backpacking 60 or so miles starting at McDonald Lake and ending up in Canada. We thumbed rides from tourist with RV’s on the way back. It was a wild journey, not the least of which was the 24 hour combat stress of living in grizzly country. This photo sent me digging for some ancient Kodachrome prints of that trip. Thanks for posting this. -Stillman

    • Jack Elliott says:

      I’m smiling. Sounds, to use an overused word, awesome. I wish you’d write some of these stories up for your blog!

      Funny you should mention grizzlies. . .I’ve been reading some old (sad) stories about them and will be posting something soon.

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