Godwin Canyon, Los Padres National Forest

GodwinThe gateway to Godwin Canyon.

I hiked up Godwin Canyon a few days ago. It’d been about a year since I’d been up thataway and in that time somebody slapped together some sort of sloppy grow set-up. I came across six 20 pound bags of granular chemical fertilizer, a 12 pound box of Miracle-Gro and a two-cubic foot bag of potting soil. It was all lying along the dry creek, beside the faint trail that runs through the area, without any effort to conceal it. A little farther along I came across a length of 1/2-inch black irrigation tubing strung waist high across the creek. One end of the hose ran into the brush while the other end was strung up along a hillside of exposed soil and in plain sight. It was a goofy looking operation.

Godwin CanyonIcy cascade, frozen pool.

Godwin CanyonFrozen creek.

Godwin CanyonFrozen creek.

Godwin CanyonGodwin Canyon

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6 Responses to Godwin Canyon, Los Padres National Forest

  1. the ‘frozen creek’ -third photo is beautiful! wonder where the farmer lives? z

  2. Have you reported it to the FS and Sheriff’s Department?

  3. Your countryside even looks beautiful when it’s cold! Must be the sun that does it – we don’t see a lot of that lately. I have to say we see slightly more of it in winter nowadays than we see in summer though…

  4. Great pictures, thanks for posting this. RE the grow operation you ran across, I’m sure most people reading your blog already know this, but this is becoming one of the big threats to preserving national forests in CA! Fertilizer washing into creeks, fires, and the safety issue. If we just legalized already this problem would solve itself. It will be interesting to see what happens to the NFs in Colorado and Washington after the last election.

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