California Condor

California Condor

Stillman condor featherDavid Stillman at large in the SLP with a wing tip primary feather from a California condor measuring over 18 inches long. The condor is North America’s largest flying bird and can have a wingspan of over nine feet. Considering the size of the feather held by Stillman in relation to the condor in flight, soaring with its wing tip primary feathers spread, gives some sense of the big vulture’s remarkable size.

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1 Response to California Condor

  1. j nels says:

    Thanks for the story of the hike up to Baldy. I share those same feelings of muscles, scratches, running out of time and water, and all the emotions that are washed away with reaching the top!

    And I have my own collection of feathers from those hikes. I think they are messages from the other dimensions. But a condor feather!?!? Wow, what kind of message is that?

    FRom up on the Columbia River,,


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