Alice Keck Park Park

Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden

I went to Starr King preschool in downtown Santa Barbara, which is across the street from Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens shown in the photo above. As a little kid I came to know the public ornamental gardens as Alice Keck Park. I continued to know the garden park by that name well into my adult years. Then one day I finally came to understand that the lady after which the public gardens are named had the last name of Park. So, it’s Alice Keck Park Park. . .

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4 Responses to Alice Keck Park Park

  1. stevenschlah says:

    Jack, You are correct, except for one tiny error. It was “Starr King”, as my two oldest children, now aged 44 and 42, went there and, as a ‘cooperative’, my wife “worked” there too.

  2. stevenschlah says:

    Jack, I forgot, the “Park Park” was built on the grounds where the El Mirasol Hotel had been, after it burned down around 1967 or so.

  3. Well, whatever it’s called, that’s one beautiful photo of one beautiful place! 🙂

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