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Alligator Pears First Successfully Introduced To USA In Santa Barbara

Morning dew on an avocado leaf in my small backyard orchard. “. . .the avocado became definitely established [in California] through the introduction of three trees from Mexico in 1871 by Judge R. B. Ord of Santa Barbara. Two of … Continue reading

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Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus Titanum)

Post peak bloom, starting to wilt. It’s a fleeting display lasting only hours. I went out to the University of California, Santa Barbara to see the corpse flower in bloom, a titan arum named “Chanel.” In the wild it’s a … Continue reading

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Alice Keck Park Park

I went to Starr King preschool in downtown Santa Barbara, which is across the street from Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens shown in the photo above. As a little kid I came to know the public ornamental gardens as Alice … Continue reading

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Stapelia Bloom

The miniature Stapelia variegata (aka carrion or starfish flower) growing in my backyard is throwing off flowers. It’s a relatively common succulent plant and flowers freely and so it’s not a rare phenomenon to see it bloom, but it’s exotic … Continue reading


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