Calochortus Fimbriatus, Rare Wildflower

Calochortus fimbriatus rare wildflower Santa Barbara Santa Ynez MountainsCalochortus fimbriatus, the late-flowered Mariposa lily, is in bloom at the moment in the Santa Ynez Mountains. A patch of the flowers thrives in the droughty dryness and summertime heat on a south facing rocky hillside at this particular location.

This variety of Calochortus or lily is listed by the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) as being rare throughout its range. Observational information about rare, threatened or endangered native plants and animals can be submitted to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife via their Native Species Field Survey Form. The data is added to the California Natural Diversity Database, which according to CNPS is “the largest, most comprehensive database of its type in the world. It presently contains more than 65,000 site-specific records on California’s rarest plants, animals and natural communities.”

Calochortus fimbriatus late flowered mariposa lily Santa Ynez Mountains

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2 Responses to Calochortus Fimbriatus, Rare Wildflower

  1. Lila Henry says:

    Beautiful. Is that listing open to the public? I’m kind of hoping it isn’t. What do you think?

  2. 100peaks says:

    I saw a bunch of these recently on a hike not too far from Santa Barbara. I am glad to know what they are now! Thanks!

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