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Wild Oyster Mushrooms and Reading the Nuances of Nature

Oysters on a standing dead cottonwood tree in the Santa Ynez Mountains. You can see where the deceased tree’s canopy had filled in the now empty sky above, the other trees wrapping around it. “The hunter-gatherer lives on what is … Continue reading

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Oyster Mushrooms

Wind carved tunnel through soft sandstone. We spent yesterday morning wambling our way through the brush, up a shady wet canyon and back down the canyon, up an adjacent exposed sunny ridge over and down again the same canyon. Over … Continue reading

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Oyster Mushrooms

Harvesting oyster mushrooms in the mountains of Santa Barbara County. I’m just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it? —Joe Pesci With recent rains having finally fallen after the usual long dry period in these parts, and the winter transformation … Continue reading


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