Figueroa Mountain Wildflowers II

Figueroa mountain lupineFigueroa poppiesFigueroa Mountain Zaca Ridge bush lupinefigueroa mountain poppies lupinefigueroa mountain poppies

Orange wall flowers

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3 Responses to Figueroa Mountain Wildflowers II

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  2. I just found your photos at Pinterest. Are these actually wild? It looks too perfect and amazing. I cannot see how to subscribe or follow. Your work is beautiful! Put me on some kind of mailing list.

    • Jack Elliott says:

      Hey Liz. Thank you! You can find a subscription button on the upper right column of my blog. Click the “Giddy up!” button and it should automatically register your email and then send you an email each time a new post is up. I tried to sign you up myself, but couldn’t do it. I removed your email so it wouldn’t be public. Thanks for stopping by!

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