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The Klutzy Career of Highwayman Dick Fellows

“Horses threw him, ran away with him and from him, led him into trouble and never out of it. Yet this bandit-on-horseback never seemed to learn. No matter what horses did to him, he came back for more. . .[Dick … Continue reading

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San Pedro Creek Webcam

The United States Geological Survey has a remote control camera set up at a small cascade on San Pedro Creek near Goleta. It can be accessed and controlled by the public via the Internet. Click the image below during daylight … Continue reading

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Chumash Camp

I headed into the forest in late afternoon with three hours of light left. It was dead calm in the lower reaches of the canyon and I could see that it rained the day before. Upside down oak leaves still … Continue reading

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Scent of the Sea On A Ventura County Creek

With a blustery forecast set for Sunday and Monday, I begrudgingly decided to postpone a backpacking trip. The slight chance of rain that was also expected was of little concern, but the thought of being exposed to the elements for … Continue reading

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Eating Poison Oak

The Blistery Beginning I remember sitting in seventh grade math class at La Colina Jr. High one afternoon and itching the hell out of some poison oak on my upper thigh. I managed to scratch it into a puffy, red … Continue reading

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