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Motoring on the Gaviota Coast (1906)

(c) Denver Public Library The bridge over Gaviota Creek, Santa Barbara County circa 1900. The two black drawn lines correspond to landscape features still visible today and which are noted on modern day photos shown below. The black arrow on … Continue reading

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The Carrizo Experience: Ten Hours on the Plain II

This post is second in a series. Read the first here: The Carrizo Experience: Ten Hours on the Plain I: Ruminants on the Range. Selby Rocks as seen from the Caliente Range, Selby Campground on the left at the foot … Continue reading

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Ruminations on a Hart-Parr 18-36H Tractor (1930)

“It is no longer good business to have a lot of money invested in horse-flesh. . .when you can buy a Hart-Parr ‘Little Devil’ Tractor.” —Hart-Parr Company advertisement slogan from the 1910s In 1897, mechanical engineers Charles W. Hart and … Continue reading


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Trail Up Mt. La Cumbre (1914)

A postcard from 1914 depicting the La Cumbre Trail, the construction of which was paid for by the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce sometime around the turn of the nineteenth century. The trail began on Mountain Drive and wound its … Continue reading

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Old Cold Spring Tunnel (1897)

“With continuous boring, this tunnel developed sufficient water by 1897 to warrant a supply main from the tunnel to the city. Civic leaders found the pulse of industry quickening in ratio to the increased water supply.” –Santa Barbara: A Guide … Continue reading

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