Mono Debris Dam Swimming Hole (1991)

As noted in a previous post, East Camino Cielo to Mono Camp, there was once a remarkable swimming hole and water slide at Mono Debris Dam. Now, due to the massive erosion that occurred during winter storms following the Zaca Fire of 2007, it’s gone forever.

From the archives of Clint Elliott, Mono as she was in all her glory:

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5 Responses to Mono Debris Dam Swimming Hole (1991)

  1. Great Post and pictures, here’s some youtube footage of a similar scene you might enjoy

  2. That looks great fun – at first I was perturbed though as, in the first photo you can’t tell whether the dam is large or small and I had images of someone sliding down a 100 foot dam or something! 😮

  3. ali says:

    Wow. It makes me so sad to see this. I have amazing memories of this place. I wish it was still like this today or will maybe someday be like this again. A piece of heaven!

  4. g2-6a442258c5681ade4e81fa852a9374c5 says:

    Jack, is it possible to restore to it’s past condition? What would it take?

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