Matilija Unmentionable

One of the less glamorous, unnamed cascades in the Matilija Wilderness. Compared to the other nearby more well known Matilija waterfalls this cascade is less spectacular and visited less often, but it still serves as a decent destination for the more enthusiastic hiker.

Looking over the top of the cascade.

A small waterfall just above the cascade.

This little fall is just tall enough to stand under like a shower.

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4 Responses to Matilija Unmentionable

  1. Eldon Walker says:

    I had utterly forgotten about this place. I haven’t been to this spot in more than 30 years. Thanks for taking me there again. Sometimes posts appear on this site faster than I can comment on them. I wanted to be sure I remarked on this one.

  2. Say Gudday says:

    Gorgeous. Have you considered creating a google map to place these on?

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