Rose Canyon Video Clip

Here is a short iPhone-shot video clip of Rose Canyon I took back in December, but never published. The video goes with the previously posted recount of that trip, which will give some background information on why I was filming an apparently unremarkable backcountry canyon: Rose Canyon and Rowe’s Gulch.

The video is rough footage showing a pan of Rose Canyon above the old long ago abandoned Rowe’s Gulch backpacking Camp, which is in the Los Padres National Forest in the Santa Barbara backcountry. The video begins looking southward down canyon. It pans along the foot of the mountain toward the east, looking downward as it follows the dry weedy creek bed, and then looking back up toward the upper part of the canyon and on northward.

A USGS map showing Rose Canyon. The red dot notes the location where the video was taken from.

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