Killer King Snake

Out the other day walkin’ down the first stage of a little project we got goin’ on, David Stillman and I came across a California Kingsnake just after it had seized a Gartersnake. We crouched watching as it wrapped it up like a constrictor, jawed its way down to the Gartersnake’s head and then began swallowing its prey, which was about as big as it was. Be sure to check the link above for some excellent images Stillman captured.


Some really crappy, grainy iPhone video:

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5 Responses to Killer King Snake

  1. doctorkdog says:

    So awesome! I once came upon a California King Snake with a Rattlesnake half-way down its gullet in a similar setting: the middle of a crossing on Matilija Creek. I was also bitten by one once when I got a little clumsy snatching it up from a bed of leaves to show some students. If you’re ever lucky enough to see a Mountain King Snake, that’s a beautiful sight. Love your blog!

  2. Beautiful snake! I would have stared with opened jaw until the entire process was finished. Thanks for sharing this! Z

  3. GF says:

    Something I’d always heard about growing up in the I.E., but despite seeing countless kings, rattlers, garters, etc., I never saw them dance. Thanks for sharing! You and Stillman keep on trucking!

  4. Kyle Kuns says:

    Wow, great video and photos.

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