California Condor; Timeline of Tragedy and Hope

California condor soaringA California condor soaring over Sespe Wilderness.

1890California condor population estimated at 600.

California condor sunning wings spread1982Only 22 California condors alive in the world.

California condor1985A single breeding pair survive for the entire species.

California condor Santa Barbara Zoo1987The last wild condor is captured from Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge in Ventura County.

California condor head1992-2011Following restoration efforts and captive breeding 92 condors are released into the wild.

Santa Barbara Zoo California condor2013There are now about 404 California condors in the world with 235 flying free in the wild, 69 of them in southern California. (Friends of Condors)

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3 Responses to California Condor; Timeline of Tragedy and Hope

  1. John McKnight says:

    Nice piece! Great story. Heading home from Africa, if I can get out of here, the airport burned down in Nairobi, survived a kidnapping and lots of other East African drama, bring your body armor if your traveling the road less traveled in EA

  2. says:

    Coincidentally, I just today brought this comic strip out of retirement and put it online: It’s the first of about 10 that Eric Gottesman and I did back in 1988 for the Ojai Valley Voice.

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