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Alligator Pears First Successfully Introduced To USA In Santa Barbara

Morning dew on an avocado leaf in my small backyard orchard. “. . .the avocado became definitely established [in California] through the introduction of three trees from Mexico in 1871 by Judge R. B. Ord of Santa Barbara. Two of … Continue reading

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El Saucito Ranch House, Carrizo Plain (1878)

The El Saucito Ranch house, built of redwood by Chester Rude Brumley in 1878, was occupied until the late 1960s and is the oldest still standing farm house on the Carrizo Plain. “Mr. Brumley has grown grapes, figs, pears, apples … Continue reading

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Depression Era Portrait of Florence Owens Thompson

“She said that they had been living on frozen vegetables from the surrounding fields and birds that the children killed.”  —Dorothea Lange, photographer working for the U. S. Resettlement Administration The image above, titled Migrant Mother, has been heralded as … Continue reading

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Ruminations on a Hart-Parr 18-36H Tractor (1930)

“It is no longer good business to have a lot of money invested in horse-flesh. . .when you can buy a Hart-Parr ‘Little Devil’ Tractor.” —Hart-Parr Company advertisement slogan from the 1910s In 1897, mechanical engineers Charles W. Hart and … Continue reading

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