Aliso Park Campground


Aliso Park Campground in the shade of an oak grove.

Directions: Highway 166 to Aliso Canyon Road, which is about two to three miles west of New Cuyama. Aliso Canyon Road leads through the oil fields for about six miles where it ends at Aliso Park Campground (2930′). Dry most of the year, a small creek flows out of Aliso Canyon in the rainy season and runs along the westward edge of the campground.

Interactive map guide:

The McPherson Trail leads from Aliso Park Campground to the Sierra Madre Road. It begins as a 4×4 Jeep trail and follows the creek up Aliso Canyon 1.4 miles to Hog Pen Spring Camp (3690′), at which point a hiking trail leads 2.3 miles up the mountain to the Sierra Madre Road (4975′). Further west from the trail junction 0.4 of a mile along the road is a locked gate and then it’s 32 miles to Highway 166. McPherson Peak (5750′) is just beyond the gate. Painted Rock Camp is 5.7 miles along the Sierra Madre Road the other direction toward the east.

The McPherson Peak Trail also begins at Aliso Park Campground (2930′) and leads up a ridge line to McPherson Peak (5750′). The trail begins on the westward side of the campground.

The featured banner photo was taken from the Sierra Madre Road and shows Salisbury Potrero in the afternoon light. On the right beyond the potrero can be seen New Cuyama in the Cuyama Valley and the crumpled looking Caliente Range rising in the background.

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