West Lion Camp

West Lion Camp

West Lion Camp sucks. It is located at the foot of a chaparral covered mountain and aside the edge of the thick canopy of Sycamore and Cottonwood trees growing over the west fork of Lion Creek. It is set on a flat spot that has been cleared from the otherwise impenetrable creek side bramble. Due to the mountain the sun does not hit the site until late morning and the canopy of trees over the creek shades the camp by early afternoon. In fall, winter and early spring the camp is typically damp and cold unless the weather is exceptionally warm. It has a closed in feel to it and is entirely unremarkable. One other smaller and even worse camp is located across the creek.

West Lion Camp 2

Directions: Highway 33 out of Ojai to Rose Valley Road. Trailhead is located off Rose Valley Road at the drive-up Middle Lion Campground. Trailhead—>2.3 miles to West Lion Camp (3470′). The trail is an easy, fairly flat hike with little incline.

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3 Responses to West Lion Camp

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  2. Jon McCabe says:

    I agree that the campsite sucks, hopefully you went up past it to the lovely waterfall and pools? The conglomerate rock is well polished by the falls and is rather lovely.

    • Jack Elliott says:

      Hey Jon, thanks for stopping by.

      No, not that time when I took the photo, because it was early in fall before all the rain so there wasn’t much water so I didn’t bother, but I have been up the creek before and it’s a nice little waterfall and swimming hole. I wonder why they located West Lion Camp where they did rather than make a site in the clearing right where the trail forks up either branch of the creek and up the ridge to the peak.

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