Davy Brown’s Cabin (1898)

I recently unearthed this drawing of Davy Brown’s cabin in an edition of The Herald newspaper that was published on September 25, 1898. Santa Barbara backcountry enthusiasts know Davy Brown as the name of a drive-up campground on the backside of Figueroa Mountain; the modern day camp being located near where the old Brown cabin once stood. It is also the name of the small creek running through the campground, which is located in California’s Los Padres National Forest on the edge of the San Rafael Wilderness. People knowledgeable in the details of Santa Barbara history know Brown as an historical figure that sailed on a British privateer raiding American ships during the War of 1812, and who was once described by the renowned John Muir as a great grizzly bear hunter.

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  1. Coyote Dave says:

    Great find!

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