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Oil and Animals in the Santa Barbara Channel

Crude oil actively bubbling out of the ground at the beach in Carpinteria, California in Santa Barbara County. Three offshore oil derricks are visible as dots in the distance. “The surface of the sea, which was perfectly smooth and tranquil, … Continue reading

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Oil Seeps at Carpinteria, California

Oil seep at Carpinteria State Beach. “Cabrillo’s description of the Chumash of the Santa Barbara mainland is the oldest ethnohistoric document concerning California Indians.” —The Natural World of the California Indian, Robert F. Heizer & Albert B. Elsasser, University of … Continue reading

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Sulfur Mountain Oil Seeps, Ventura County

“California will be found to have more oil in its soil than all the whales in the Pacific Ocean. The oil is struggling to the surface at every available point and is running down the rivers for miles.” -Professor Benjamin … Continue reading

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