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Chumash Rock Art, Santa Barbara County

These Chumash paintings show little wear from the elements over the last several decades. They are presented here without alteration, but for a slight intensification of the existing natural color. They measure roughly about twelve inches in length. The pictographs … Continue reading

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Petroglyphs, Isle of Arran, Scotland

The petroglyphs are found just inside this stand of planted conifers, silviculture being an important part of the local economy. At nine at night I stepped out for a walk in the woods. Couldn’t sit around the house after dinner … Continue reading

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The Politics of Rock Art

Santa Barbara County vintage making use of Chumash pictograph motifs. When one takes an interest in actively seeking out and visiting Chumash rock art paintings they soon learn that there is an emotional and contentious political subculture swirling around these archaeological … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunt For Chumash Pictographs and the Vicious Protector

A mural in Lompoc, Santa Barbara County depicting a seaside Chumash village scene. Little of what Bill said made reasonable sense. He stood on the other side of his termite infested, dry-rotted, wobbly fence, which was missing slats and had … Continue reading

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Chumash Rock Art, a Pool of Water and a Chipmunk

A Chumash pictograph with inset showing a recreation of the design. A seasonal creek flows by this Indian rock art site in Santa Barbara County and there is a spring not far from the paintings. When flowing the creek cascades … Continue reading

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